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Le Château de Val > History
    Val, an uncommon destiny

    Many owners...
    1660-1661 Pierre le Cousturier
    1661-1720 Pierre de Geneste, Marquis du Repaire
    1720-1724 Pierre-Gaston de Las Cases
    1724-1747 Les Saint-Ehamans (Jacques-François d'Hautefort and Jacques-François de Salles)
    1747-1757 Marie-François des Cars
    1757-1779 Condominium (Louis Charles de Villelume, Claude Joseph de Naucoze, Jacques Louis de Pestel)
    1778-1779 Purchase of 3 Val parts by Ignace Dubois de Saint-Etienne
    1779-1793 De Saint-Etienne familly
    1793-1805 Révolutionary Périod
    1805-1806 Gaspard de Saint-Etienne
    1806-1813 Master Antoine Offroy Delga
    1813-1814 Gaspard de Saint-Etienne
    1814-1837 André Longueville
    1837-1865 Louis Gauthier
    1865-1883 Jules Souchard
    1883-1898 Charlotte Smith-Souchard
    1898-1946 D'Arcy familly
    1946-1953 EDF
    1953 Bort-Les-Orgues town

    Ups and downs...
    From 1660 to 1948, different families owned  the castle and Val had to undergo many radical changes:
    1661- Construction of a French Garden the platforms and stairs of which can only be seen when the water is low.
    Forestation area
    1779-1793 – Castle rehabilitation after it became almost ruined: roof, fire place and wooden floor completely replaced.
    1793-1805 – Val remained abandoned, was looted and perhaps “squatted” during the Revolution.
    1814 – His owner decided to sell wooden floors, beams and stones to take maximum advantage of his new acquisition.
    1837 – New Castle rescue: refurnishing, replacement of windows, decoration of the lounge.
    1865 – Adding new lands, so that it became the most important area of the region. Opening of the current road.  
    Interior refurbishment: upholstering of the walls with Cordoba (Spain) leather, construction of a fire place, new decoration and laying of gold leaf.
    1946 - Owners were expropriated during the dam construction. The family took away all the furniture, leaving rooms completely empty.
    EDF becomes the owner.
    1949 –For not being watched, since 1948, the castle was looted by thieves.
    1951 – Put under protection by the Bort-Les-Orgues Tourism Office, installing on the spot a keeper and his family.
    1953 – EDF gave the castle for a symbolic price to the town of Bort-les-Orgues. The management was given to the tourism office.
    Roofing and masonry redone, complete restoration of the entrance tower, the grand staircase and the chapel.
    1st floor entirely covered with fabric for the Aubusson tapestries to attract attention, refurnishing of rooms little by little with paintings and furniture.
    The courtyard is made more attractive and the walkway rehabilitated. New spotlights allow the fortress to be seen during the night.
    Many alterations that made Val what it is today.

    And now …
    Restoration works are carried out each winter and the maintenance is assured during the year by dedicated keepers of this beautiful building

      Le Château de Val 15270 Lanobre Tel : 04 71 40 30 20 E-mail :
    Renseignements à l'Office de Tourisme Communautaire du Pays de Bort-Artense :Tél : 05 55 96 02 49 - Fax : 05 55 96 90 79