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Le Château de Val > Visits

    Follow the guide...
    Guided or self-guided with audio-tour, discover "Chateau de Val" progressively through the rooms and floors.
    In the courtyard surrounded by the lake, you can find ornate spaces, green spots, a fountain, tall lime trees and old stables.
    In summer, artists from all over the world come for evening concerts. Atmosphere guaranteed.

    Its chapel dedicated to Saint Blaise, classified Historic Monument, is the witness of the radical change of  Val landscape. Containing many amazing pictures of the old valley and of the dam construction, it reflects the work done for the flooding of this valley.

    In the video room, you will discover step by step the construction and the various restorations of the castle, with three dimension plans.

    This castle looks like a fortress, but the inside can be charming.
    The Staircase

    The imposing spiral staircase is impressing.
    154 steps will lead you to the very top of the highest tower of the castle where you will enjoy a stunning panorama over Bort dam.

    First floor: living rooms

    The grand salon, the poolroom and the dining room.
    In these fully furnished rooms, former ceremony rooms, emerge a warm and majestic atmosphere.
    Medieval music will accompany you through the visit of these rooms.
    We will tell you the incredible story of the castle.

    Second floor: contemporary art
    Nowadays, this part of the castle, once reserved for family rooms, welcome twice a year (spring and summer), works of the best contemporary painters, for prestigious exhibitions.
    Buffet, Carzou, Toffoli and many others have come over the years.
    Since 1974, nearly 80 painters have exhibited their works and each represented in his own way his personal vision of the fortress.

    The walkway

    This narrow defensive corridor, offers one of the most beautiful views on the lake of Bort.
    Old servant bedrooms, refurbished with objects and tools of ancient times, were taken out of the lake after villages were flooded. In 1960 scenes of a famous French film “Le Capitan” were shot here. We can see Jean Marais climbing up a tower of the castle. We can even still see the marks of his hooks.

    This impressive structure of the fifteen century built in oak and totally pegged in wood, support by itself the thick slate roof of the main tower.
    We will tell you its amazing and long construction.


      Le Château de Val 15270 Lanobre Tel : 04 71 40 30 20 E-mail :
    Renseignements à l'Office de Tourisme Communautaire du Pays de Bort-Artense :Tél : 05 55 96 02 49 - Fax : 05 55 96 90 79